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Tuesday, December 3 - 10am

Monday, December 2 - 10am


Looking for an affordable option for field trips? 

Special pricing available for school groups, seniors, and home schools.  

Do not wait as our school shows fill up quickly.

Where: The Eisemann Center (2351 Performance Drive, Richardson, TX 75082)

Run Time: 2 hours and 15 min (this includes intermission)

Mon/Tues Matinee Price: $10 (regular price is $20)

Show Synopsis: When Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is suddenly in need of a Santa Claus, a jolly bystander named Kris Kringle fills in to save the day, later taking on a job as Macy's holiday Santa, hearing children's requests, and acting just a bit too authentic.  The store employees, children, and even the New York City court system are left to ponder, is this Kris Kringle really Santa Claus?  Join us for this 1940's heartwarming Christmas classic.

You can purchase 1-9 tickets online through the links above.  A .50 Paypal fee is added automatically.  ALL TICKETS WILL BE AT THE DOOR ON DAY OF SHOW.  For groups of 10 or more, please send an email to to reserve your seats.  Provide a contact name, phone number, email, how many seats and for which show.  If you are with a specific home school or group, let us know the school/company name so we can sit the entire group together. 

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